I do a lot of things, sometimes several at once.

Links, pictures, and other proof I don’t sit around all day playing with cats…

I wanted to be an astronaut growing up, and after engineering school didn’t get me to the stars I sought out adventure elsewhere: the Army. Ten years later I was medically discharged and searching for something new. While poking around in the 40,000+ veteran nonprofits and social benefit services, my engineer efficiency brain questioned why this wasn’t filtered and easy to search on the series of tubes we call the Internet. So I found some people way smarter than me and we built it.

3D and Other Things

Shortly before the onset of the 2020 pandemic I joined the staff of the Baruch College MakerHub. It was time to start having fun. I received a hand-me-down printer from another faculty member just in time to start printing things like toilet paper covers so the kittens couldn’t squander pandemic resources. I also planned out and built a backyard climbing wall, created random images of my cats in space to paste on objects, and randomly learned to crochet.

I also blog from time to time on the MakerHub website about my creative (nerd) projects.

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