Welcome to the brain chaos

It’s pretty weird in here, but generally speaking the water is fine.

Let’s get one thing straight: I’m a nerd with a lot of diverse areas of focus for said nerdiness, but I don’t consider myself a subject matter expert on anything. I am an Army Veteran, but I don’t pretend to speak for everyone in the military community. I am an engineer by education and for the last five years by trade, but I read something new every day that I didn’t know before. I have an MBA and started, led, and exited ventures but I definitely can’t speak to how others function in their companies. I like cats and space and Star Trek and rock climbing and music, but there are plenty with more in-depth knowledge or greater skills.

What I do have is experience in a lot of different universes, and I have let that shape my view. Readers of my blog may disagree with some of my thoughts and opinions on tech or social concepts, but that’s fine; I’m just throwing this stuff out there as what I’ve learned or what my mind has pieced together from where I’ve been. I blog to get things out of my head and see what others think, if there’s another way to see what I’m seeing, and maybe to get someone to understand my perspective on the things I find interesting. Also, sometimes people ask me to write on certain topics, so I might draft it here. No matter what, opinions expressed here are my own (and all sources cited).

And I have a smidge (give or take) of brain damage – with the before and after surgery MRIs to prove it – that just sort of adds to the mess.

Why read this blog, other than to see someone’s sometimes-all-over-the-place perspective on the myriad of interests? Well, I have a dark sense of humor and make every effort to see the good in people, even in those who actively tried to kill me. So I try to make things fun, because why not.

Hope you enjoy the ride. Speaking of, here’s me at some young age pretending to fly with ET. You’re welcome.

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