elana duffy

Musings, puns, and projects live here.
And cats. Cats also live here.

photoshop cat in space

My Projects

Companies I built, 3D printing projects, random objects built in my NYC apartment, sometimes just poorly photoshopping my cats into space, these are the things I’m about.

Just a photo of some cats

I grew up with dogs, but crazy timing and travels of Army and startup life meant feline companions.

Ruby (back) and Annika (front) resting between their ruckus-causing. Lucy (not shown) remains wary.

Writing Now

Someday I’ll finish my book. In the meantime, here’s my blog of miscellaneous thoughts and adventures. Topics… mixed. Updates… periodic.

ruby cat chewing on prosthetic

One step at a time

I was in pain for 14 years after combat injuries ended my military career. So now I have a whole lot of puns about feet and a chew toy for Ruby.

Other Places and Things

On occasion I speak and write for other outlets.

days in danang

Articles, Quotes, and Essays

From the New York Times to
business blogs

Podcasts and Radio

Army stories and tech nerd things

lana headshot

TV and in Person

Sometimes I wear makeup!
CNN, Al Jazeera, even Fox happened

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